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Risk and Fraud Management

Online fraud always is the major challenge to all online merchants. iPay88 Fraud Prevention Mechanism is built to assist online merchants to minimize their online fraud. It will be upgraded from time to time to fight against the latest online fraud.
The mechanism is divided into 2 sections:-

A. Before Payment Authorization:

Step 1: Transaction Filtering iPay88 will help online merchants to filter transactions before the transaction submitted to bank gateway for payment authorization. To block all transactions from high risk countrie/ foreign countries or allow transactions by credit card from local card issuers.

Step 2: Purchase Frequency Control
iPay88 allows online merchants to control how frequent (by day, week ormonth) their buyer can buy from them. If weekly time frame set, the buyer (controlled by email address, IP address or username) only can buy once from the online merchant within a week.

Step 3: Transaction Amount Limit
iPay88 can help online merchants to control the online transactions by transaction amount. Transaction will not be allowed if the transaction amount exceeds the set transaction amount limit.

Step 4: Blacklist Database
On top of bank's blacklist database, iPay88 is building its own blacklist database based on fraud cases and trend detected by iPay88 from time to time. iPay88 will blacklist a user or online buyer by:
  • Username
  • Credit Card number
  • Email Address
  • When the buyers are using username, credit card number or email address blacklisted by iPay88, their transaction will be blocked. The database is shared by all iPay88 merchants.

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